One Size Doesn't Fit All

The power of  your work is in the unique way that you do things. What is it that makes your organisation special to your service users, clients, or customers?

Shaped works relationally to really get to know the heart of what you do and how you do it. This enables me to develop solutions (be it workshops, policies, guidance or something else!) that truly reflect your work. Bespoke learning and development work that is built through a process that gets to know your organisation and the context of the work you do.

All the work is shaped around you.

About Elodie

Elodie is a Strategic Learning & Development specialist, with a background in education, mental health, health and social care and the charity sector. She is also a cold swimmer, recipe book enthusiast, and overthinker. 

She is a big fan of making sense of complex content, making things work, and getting stuff done. Her specialism is understanding the unique context of an organisation in order to provide bespoke support to develop better practice.

Due to higher demand for her support than could fit alongside a full-time role, Elodie set up shaped to make space to do the work she loves; 

Supporting organisations to do challenging, nuanced and important work the best they can, in their way.