Shaped helps people and organisations develop their practice to fulfil key requirements while still working in a relational, human way.

What are the jobs that would really make a difference to your organisation if they could just get done? Which approaches need refining, clarifying, rethinking? What do you wish you had a more consistent understanding of across your organisation?  

Shaped offers can support you in getting those elusive tasks sorted: developing your strategy and practices, getting things clear and coherent, and solidifying your foundation.  

Elodie is passionate about person-centred and relational work, and enjoys working with organisations that are already using or about to explore these approaches. 

Practices, Policies & Procedures

At shaped, policies and procedures are nothing scary – they just lay out what you do and how you do it. Having them sorted is a must for your transparency and accountability as an organisation.

Shaped can support with auditing your policy list, writing new policies as needed, and reviewing and updating existing policies. This also includes support for you develop your practices in the direction you’d like them to move – for example to be more in line with your values or a new organisational aim.

Specialisms at shaped include: Safeguarding, Duty of Care, Privacy, Complaints, Recruitment, Equity Diversity and Inclusion, Risk Assessment, and Learning & Development. 

Bespoke Workshops

Sometimes you need to get in a room and work something through. Whether that’s a training session on key requirements like Safeguarding or your Duty of Care, or to cohere as a team around your organisational Vision, Values and Approaches, shaped can design and deliver the space for you. 

All the workshops shaped delivers are designed from the ground up, bespoke for your context and needs. Topics Elodie particularly enjoys include:

  • Person-Centred Safeguarding & Duty of Care
  • Embedding values and approaches
  • Working with wellbeing and mental health as a non-clinical professional (e.g. support workers, admin staff, volunteers, holistic wellbeing professionals) 

Learning & Training Resources

Immersive, exploratory learning in a workshop is irreplaceable, but it’s often true that limited resources or difficult logistics mean organisations can’t do this as often as they’d like to. 

Shaped can work with you to develop learning resources (worksheets, activities, webinars, etc.) that you can use internally as and when you need, on an ongoing basis, to support your organisational best practice.

Reflective Practice

Do you need some external support to help you think through and make sense of something? Shaped can facilitate: 

  • One-to-one reflective mentoring & supervision – ideal for roles that can feel isolated and need someone to check in with
  • Group reflection – for example to explore what can be learned from a particular challenge
  • Strategic reflection – considering foundational questions for your organisation such as vision, purpose, and values