Why have values?

This work is complex and bespoke, so it’s useful to have a steer towards what’s “right” at shaped. These values guide decision making and act as a measure of success. They are standards that shaped aims to meet and work by.

A warm and meticulous approach that takes care with your work; creating sustainable & supportive solutions.

Shaped work will always be:


Shaped is human, friendly and rooted in connection. You’ll routinely see Elodie asking about your weekend, checking in and out during workshops, and using emojis in emails (big fan of emojis).


Shaped work will always be finished to an excellent standard. It’s thoughtful, considered, and professional.

Elodie will work with you to look at the big picture, the small details, wider best practice, what you are already doing well, the challenges, the sticky bits, key stakeholder’s perspectives, and what you want and need.  


When you work with shaped, you are sharing insight and influence within your work. This deserves and is met with respect and gentleness.

Shaped takes care with your work, understanding that it’s your area of expertise and highly important to you. You’ll be kept involved in the process so you can feedback and steer the outcome as we go.  


Making sure participants feel safe and welcome in workshops. Being up front and honest about what shaped can offer (and what it can’t). Prices on a sliding scale, discounted for charities and social enterprises.  

Shaped works with integrity and aims to bring a fair and honest approach. 


We all work with limited resources, and want to use them wisely. Shaped takes action to make the work worth it over the long-term. Increase longevity of solutions offered to organisations, reduce costs over time, and lower its environmental impact.